Daniel Morrison

CSS Naked Day

CSS Naked Day is coming up on April 5, and to help you celebrate, I’ve created what is possibly the silliest Rails plugin yet.

If you use Rails’ stylesheet_link_tag helper, all of your CSS will be hidden on Naked Day.

Behold (and install) css_naked_day.

Install the plugin as an SVN external:
./script/plugin install -x http://source.collectiveidea.com/public/rails/plugins/css_naked_day

or the old skool way:
./script/plugin install http://source.collectiveidea.com/public/rails/plugins/css_naked_day

See the README for more details.

Collective Idea will be participating, as will this blog. Come on, get naked!


  1. michael — July 08, 2007

    this is dumb… anybody who can code in ruby should certainly be able to figure out how to comment out their goddamn stylesheets. why would anyone need a plugin for this?

    the geeky geeks are just so smart, they’re turning stupid.

  2. Daniel Morrison — July 09, 2007

    @michael: I won’t claim this is some major breakthrough. I see it providing 3 benefits, in order of importance:

    • Promotes CSS Naked Day.
    • Makes it dead easy to participate.
    • Works every year, and right on time.
  3. Steven Soroka — December 05, 2007

    I disagree with Michael, I think it’s cool and fun. I’d rather install a plugin that I can easily remove if I don’t like it. Not that I couldn’t have done it myself, but I like unobtrusive solutions. I shouldn’t have to alter my layout code or temporarily comment things to participate in css naked day.


  4. Eddie — March 14, 2008

    Awesome plugin.. I found it from Dustin page..


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