Daniel Morrison

Collective Idea Logo Redesign

Update: For my friends confused by this, check the posting date. Then read this article, and see this Flickr group.

If you want a real announcement, I'd keep an eye on naked day...

After months of work, we’re happy to announce a new logo for Collective Idea!

The old logo, while generally well-regarded was feeling a little outdated. When we first designed it, I was working with a lot of arrays, so the square brackets [] seemed like a good fit.
Old Collective Idea Logo

Since then, I’ve become enamored with the Ruby language and the Rails framework. One common pattern in Ruby and Rails is to use Hash objects, which are wrapped in curly brackets {}. I discussed my love of Hashes and curly brackets with a number of designers, and one suggested we modify our existing logo only slightly to include curly brackets. We didn’t think one set would be enough, so he found a way to incorporate 2 sets of curly brackets!

This designer was well worth the $199 we paid for his time, and I’ll highly recommend him to anyone who needs logo work.

So without further delay, here is the brand-new Collective Idea logo, which can also be found on the Collective Idea site. We’re very excited about the possibilities. Let me know what you think!
New Collective Idea Logo


  1. Cindy — April 01, 2007

    I hate to tell you this but it looks a lot like the rest of our logos.

  2. Rick — April 01, 2007

    Was this Dan’s design?

  3. Martin Ringlein — April 01, 2007

    Beautifully unique and well executed!

  4. Ian — April 01, 2007

    I have to agree with the previous post… very unique and fantastically rendered. Bravos all around!

  5. Rich — April 01, 2007


  6. Alex — April 03, 2007

    aprilfools??? I found this on Flickr :

  7. Bassbo — January 26, 2023

    The site is really coming up well! Nice job! color by number

  8. bekean — June 19, 2023

    The logo modification involved adding two sets of curly brackets to the existing fnf logo, creating a visual representation that aligns with their affinity for Ruby and its coding patterns.

    Unfortunately, without visual references or further details, it’s challenging to provide a specific analysis or opinion on the logo redesign. However, logo redesigns are common for companies looking to refresh their brand identity or align it with their evolving vision or interests.

  9. sharasne — July 05, 2023

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