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A few things to note that aren’t on this blog:

New Training Dates

We announced new dates for our training classes. We’ll be in San Antonio, Texas January 20–23 with both our Ruby on Rails and ExpressionEngine classes.

Then, we’ll be in Washington D.C. in March, but we are still finalizing the details.

We’ll obviously be back in Holland, Michigan in the spring. Follow the Training Blog to keep posted.


I wrote an article over at RailsTips.org about the fantastic Rails plugin, delayed_job. Check it out, and thanks to John Nunemaker for letting me rant on his blog for a change.


Brandon posted a great article about our awesome_nested_set plugin for Rails. It was an article I was supposed to write months ago, so thanks to Brandon for taking over and talking about it. It’s a plugin that has been invaluable to use for a number of months, and I’m glad to see a lot of people using it.


  1. eddie dish — November 24, 2008

    I would love to attend these classes, but the price is a little bit high for me.


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