Daniel Morrison

Training by Collective Idea

I’m really excited that we launched the site for Training by Collective Idea this afternoon.

Training by Collective Idea screen shotOurs is a new take on training. Not only are we putting together amazing training courses (starting with Ruby on Rails) but we’re making it fun.

We’re starting by bringing people to Holland, Michigan. Most training takes place in an out-of the way hotel or conference center with no character. Holland in the summer simply feels like a vacation, and using the brand new CityFlats Hotel as our venue adds to the unique flavor of our Training.

Then, we’re not ending the day and sending you back to your room. We’re giving you opportunities to see the area and meet other Rubyists, as well as helping you explore on your own.

The content of the Rails Training has already been praised by students around the world. We’re not focusing just on the fun—we’re simply adding it on.

If you want to learn Ruby on Rails, this Training is for you. Sign up today and you can save 20%.


  1. dave in usa — May 16, 2008

    Wish you good luck in that. I guess 1195 is reasonable number.


  2. elliottcable — May 16, 2008

    Your capitalization is slightly off – last line, “SIgn up today” should be “Sign up today” (-:

    Feel free to delete this comment once you fix it d-:

  3. Daniel Morrison — May 16, 2008

    @elliotcable: thanks for the catch. I’ll leave your comment to highlight my horrible capitalization skills for posterity. :-P

  4. Sam — June 07, 2008

    Great sessions.. It may be cool, if you guys give verbose details about them..


  5. alan — August 08, 2008

    I would love to watch the sessions on youtube or any other video website..


  6. coupons — August 17, 2008

    Any videos on youtube? I would love to watch few of them online? I even can pay for them..


  7. Marc Cotroneo — September 02, 2008

    Daniel, my name is Marc Cotroneo from In The News in Tampa, Fl. I called about your article that just came out of the Grand Rapids Business Journal 9/2/08. Please return my call/e-mail when you get a chance regarding the article. Thank You.