Daniel Morrison

Fill your iPod with SXSW Music

I’m headed to SXSW and sticking around for the Music festival. I thought it would be fun to load up my iPod with the bands so I have better ideas who to see.

The huge list of bands notes which ones have free MP3s to download, so I decided to grab them all, with Ruby.

I whipped together a script last weekend to do just that. It will look over all the bands and grab all the songs. Grab the file and run it. It will create a directory called ‘downloads’ and put all the songs in there.

If you run it more than once, it will only grab new songs. At minimum, it only makes requests for the list pages (6 currently), so its pretty low-overhead.

Feel free to improve it and let me know. The code is pretty simple, but did what I needed.

Oh, and be careful: the list is currently just under 4 GB.

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