Daniel Morrison

Erasable Inc.

We got a Christmas card today addressed to Collective Idea, Corp. Yuck!

The company is Collective Idea.

For legal purposes, the business is <a href=“http://www.dleg.state.mi.us/bcs_corp/image.asp?FILE_TYPE=ELF&FILE_NAME=D200605%5C2006129%5CE0141424.TIF” title"Articles of Incorporation – Profit for Collective Idea, Inc.“>Collective Idea, Inc. (and before May 2006, ”http://www.dleg.state.mi.us/bcs_corp/image.asp?FILE_TYPE=UCO&FILE_NAME=D200502%5C2005049%5C00000189.tif" title"Articles of Organization for Collective Idea LLC">Collective Idea LLC) however that is not what we go by.

Personally, I think that Inc. (and LLC, etc.) sound pretentious. It sounds like Look at us, we’re fancy and a huge company! Whereas I see it as We can fill out forms, but have no sense of aesthetics.

Therefore, we have registered Collective Idea as an Assumed Name. That’s what we go by, and it’s all good, legal and beautiful.

In addition, we have CollectiveIdea and (at the brilliant suggestion of our Lawyer) collectiveidea.com.

So call us Collective Idea. I had to sign a lot of forms for that name.


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