Daniel Morrison

Vegetable Gardening

Based on a love of fresh vegetables, and a bit of craziness, we decided to start a garden in our new backyard. The goals are simple:

I don’t know much about gardening. My family has always had gardens, and I’ve seen and helped with some of it. Hopefully, trying to get it going, as well as blogging the experience, will help our success.

We started the season with a large dirt patch in the back yard, where a large kids’ pool sat before we moved in. We decided it would be the perfect spot for our garden, once we made it a bit bigger. Bigger? Everything I’ve heard and read says to start small <abbr=“10 feet by 10 feet”>10’x10’. Because I’ll have a lot of help this summer (teachers as housemates are great for summer labor), we decided to fill the space a bit more, at <abbr=“15 feet by 18 feet”>15’x18’.

Vegetable Garden: Day 0

We arranged for a roto-tiller, but couldn’t get it started, so gave up on that. I read somewhere on the tubes that “deep tilling” is actually bad for the soil, as it disturbs works and fungi that help make the soil healthy, so I was fine taking a shovel and spending a couple afternoons doing it by hand.

Vegetable Garden: Start of Day 3

Garden planningVegetable Garden: Start of Day 3

After a bit of simple planning, I started planting. I had some good help from Hilary, and we got the whole plot planted yesterday afternoon. We had planted some seeds indoors a few weeks ago, so we had some tomato and pepper seedlings ready to plant.

It has been fun so far, and a good workout, and sense of accomplishment. We’ll see how it goes!


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    I started my garden. Hilary and I worked well together to plant the entire plot yesterday afternoon.

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