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New Collective Idea Design

A couple years ago, I launched a company. A friend designed an amazing logo, and I made up some business cards.

However, I didn’t tell anyone about the company for a long time. Why? I didn’t have a website.

The paradox of doing web development is that you will never be satisfied with anything you make yourself. Your standards are too high; your ideas are too time-consuming. You end up putting it off.

I put up a variety of “Coming Soon” pages, and eventually made a one page, minimalist site that has lasted for far too long.

A new site. Finally!

It is with great joy that I announce the new collectiveidea.com.


We have a new site, designed by Brian Morykon that keeps its minimalism while also giving us a space to grow.

Blog & Twitter

You might notice that we’ve added a blog, but not in the typical way. We’re aggregating relevant posts from our own blogs. We decided that the world didn’t need another blog.

Also, we’re using it to promote transparency. Collective Idea is us, we’re real people. We’re not going to hide from that.

We’ve also created a Twitter account (collectiveidea) that we’ll be using to post sparse updates. If you’re on Twitter, follow us!

Next Steps

We’re going to beef up the feed for the blog a bit, add some photos to the portfolio, and keep playing. For now, we’re going to enjoy having a real site.

What do you think? Comments are open.


  1. Andrew — April 16, 2007

    The site looks terrific! Nice work!

  2. Jeremy — April 16, 2007

    Good job! That’s one sharp looking site.

  3. Cliff — April 16, 2007

    Nice stuff guys. Keep it coming.

  4. Boyink — April 16, 2007

    Looks great!

  5. Paul — April 16, 2007

    How web 2.0 of you. :) It looks nice, and I love the architecture too!

  6. Jason — April 16, 2007

    Nice work! I was just on the C[i] site yesterday for no apparent reason and I found myself thinking, “I wonder if they’ll ever update their site.” Thanks for the quick answer. Site looks good, clean, minimalist, yet informative. Very
    C[i]. Hope things are well…

  7. Daniel Morrison — April 16, 2007

    Jason, the official abbreviation for Collective Idea is “[i]”.

    Thank You,

    [i] Marketing Department ;-)

  8. Samantha Warren — April 18, 2007

    Leo said it best with…

    “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The site looks great.

    I can also very much relate with…
    “The paradox of doing web development is that you will never be satisfied with anything you make yourself.”

    It makes me bonkers.

  9. color by number — January 26, 2023

    Nice job! The day before yesterday, I found myself browsing the C[i] website for no apparent reason, and while I was there, the thought occurred to me, “I wonder if they’ll ever update their site.”

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