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About CalDAV

For the next few weeks, Collective Idea is working heavily with CalDAV and Apple’s Calendar Server.

What’s CalDAV? We’ll, its an extension to WebDAV that adds some stuff to HTTP to deal with calendars. Its currency is a combination of iCalendar files and XML. Its purpose is to handle multiple calendars, editable by multiple people. CalDAV could replace a large chunk of many groupware systems in use today with its open (nearly an RFC) standard and the nice set of clients.

We’re writing both a Ruby library, and an ActiveRecord plugin for CalDAV that we’ll be talking about more soon. In the meantime, there’s a page on RubyForge and a mailing list.

Brandon will probably chime in soon, and there’s also a subversion repository.


  1. gcnovus — February 01, 2007

    Will you be looking for external development from the open source community? My company really needs this plugin, so I’d be happy to chip in.


  2. Daniel — February 01, 2007

    @gcn: Yes, definitely!

    Grab the source and check it out. We’d love to see Patches, Feature Requests, and general feedback.


  3. breeana — April 19, 2007

    i love you!!!

  4. Andreas Brodbeck — June 01, 2007

    Hi! What’s the status of the project? We eventually want to use your code and contribute to it. I am quite new to the standards involved with calDAV, therefore my question: How feature-complete is your implementation so far? And especially: Is there already a way to support the invitation features, described in iCalendar-extension “iTIP” (RFC2446)?


  5. Daniel Morrison — June 01, 2007


    Currently its less feature-complete than I’d like to admit (invitation features aren’t on the radar yet).

    That said, we will be hacking on it over the summer, and would appreciate any suggestions, feedback, or patches. Just knowing people are interested makes me want to move faster!

  6. Daniel Zacarias — July 25, 2007

    I’m also very interested in this project. Is there any documentation that I can read to get up to date on it?

  7. Chris Van Pelt — October 30, 2007

    I want caldav!!!! Give me Give me Give me!!!! The dream is to convert this damn exchange BS to caldav… is it possible? The empty rubyforge page makes me sad.

  8. jim randall — September 17, 2008

    Any news on the status of this ruby library – there seems to be some code in the subversion repository – can it be used?

  9. Daniel Morrison — September 20, 2008

    jim: sadly its not very far along.

  10. SteveP — February 04, 2009

    Is it dead? :(

  11. Nguyen Van Thuc — June 28, 2011

    I am looking for this plugin. How about project’s status is. We can participate in. Thanks!

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