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Today Aaron pointed out that a site he designed for one of our mutual clients, Century Driving School was blatantly ripped-off by a local competitor.

Since I worked on parts of Century’s site (Google Maps API, application form) its about as close as I can get to having one of my sites plagiarized. It’s amusing.

The design of the home pages are similar, but could be rationalized. Its when you get into site that things get interesting…

Home Page

Century's Home Page

Macatawa's Home Page

Locations Page

Century's Locations Page

Macatawa's Locations Page

Signup Page

Century's Signup Page

Macatawa's Signup Page

It seems to me that is more than just a coincidence. We’ll see if they do the right thing and take it down.

Updated: Aaron weighs in with some more detail (in addition to the comment here).

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  1. Aaron Schaap — December 15, 2006

    Both Dave (the owner of Century Driving) and myself had a coversation with the owner of Macatawa Driving. We gave them until Monday by 9am to either change to a new design or take down their site.

    If they decide not to, the big bad wolf (a.k.a. lawyers) start making the phone calls. Both for intellectual copyright and deliberatly hurting their brand.