Daniel Morrison

First Post

Once upon a time, I setup a Blogger blog. It was mostly because I had convinced friends to start blogs of their own, and I felt the pressure to join them.

I always expected to build a better blog, at my own domain. Once I started [i] Collective Idea, I also expected to build a cool blog for myself. I even avoided talking about Collective Idea on the old blog, as I planned a new site with a great design. Two years later, I’m diving in.

Not being a designer makes that difficult. Client work also becomes more rewarding than your own site. Perfectionism leads to stagnation.

A New Beginning

This is my new blog, at my new site. The old blog will remain (I have no intention at this time to migrate posts) but will no longer be updated.

I’ll also try to post more. I’ve often put off writing as I waited to setup this blog.


This is a temporary design. As we work on slowing redesigning (Ed.: “was it ever designed?”) Collective Idea, elements will migrate here.

Brandon and I are discussing not having a “Corporate” blog, simply linking to our individual instead.

Enough Already

I’m going to start writing, talking about code we’re working on, and whatever else comes to mind. Welcome.


  1. Brandon — December 10, 2006

    Look out, world…here comes Daniel Morrison!


  2. Erica Oosting — December 11, 2006

    Very cool, Dan! When you get huge in the computer world, I will always be able to say, “I knew him when!” I’ll be working at JP’s again over Christmas, so maybe I’ll see ya in there! Miss you, friend…

  3. amolmenna — June 24, 2011

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