Daniel Morrison

Flickr Prediction

I’ve been thinking about Flickr recently. I find myself almost more interested in photos there than on my computer.

My prediction: Within 2 years, I’ll exclusively use Flickr for photo organization and storage instead of iPhoto.

Flickr’s tools have become better and better, whereas iPhoto has somewhat stagnated. It has added some editing abilities, but for anything serious, you still need Photoshop.

Plus, Flickr lets me organize much better than iPhoto. I can tag, geotag, and annotate in-place (notes). iPhoto struggles with tags (keywords) and search features are lacking.

Flickr backs-up my data for me, so I don’t have to worry about it. I suspect that most people’s photos aren’t backed up regularly—if ever.

Flickr also just eliminated the upload limits for pro accounts. So I can merely pay $24/year to Flickr and ignore the $99/year iLife upgrades. Maybe I’ll go straight from camera, through Image Capture to Flickr.

Finally, there are memory cards for your camera that can automatically upload photos for you via a wifi connection.

Is iPhoto dead? Not by a long shot, but I’m planning the funeral.

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